The Clashing Knights

Welcome to the Clashing Knights

We the Clashing Knights are a group of honorable clan members. We are of the highly adaptable people who are always working harder and harder too go up in rank and give out more missions at a constant. We have been working towards our clan’s growth for some time we are, of the great players of Runescape and I would have to say the best out of any trustful people in Runescape.

The Clashing Knights, I suspect are known for there way of being peaceful and helping the little guy, we help out for what we can and provide as much time too make this clan grow and prosper. Each person has worked very hard to help the clan, and we thank you for your work done over the years and appreciate how it has helped us through war times and peaceful times.


Cavemanerick, Founder of the Clashing Knights.


The Clashing Knights have two websites, this one and the forums, hosted elsewhere. Most information for members is on the forums and once you are recognized we would ask you to join the forums. If you choose to register please use your in game username so we can keep track of who is who.

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